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Fitness fads and injury prevention

I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, I have met many people and seen many people. I have taught many modalities, I have seen how the fitness industry is always looking for the new 'buzz', the new 'trend in fitness' and I have seen many people follow from one fitness trend to the next.

Whilst we may enjoy it at the time, how much thought and research really goes into the 'what is this doing to my body, long term?' - I can probably answer that easily, we don't, we don't think that at all.

Sometimes we get into a new activity from peer pressure, our friends are doing it, so we go along and join them (it may not be the right thing for us, you may have a previous injury, but hey its ok because your friend is doing it, right?), sometimes its the thrill of bouncing from one new fitness trend to the next. Some of us are 'fitness junkies', looking out for the next 'best' thing - but is it? I align this with drinking coffee, first its good for you, then we find out its bad, then we find out its good again and so on and so on.

I am pretty sure if we all stood back and looked at our injuries we have today we can probably pinpoint where in our lives it happened (I am not talking about injuries from an accident), I am talking about those niggles we have - bad knees, back, elbow, shoulders. They have stemmed from somewhere, some sport, some new fitness trend, even how we stand can cause damage to our bodies.

I have personally learnt that lifting heavy weights over the years caused damage to my knees, I now have a severe case of osteoarthritis. Had I known that in my younger years, I would have thought twice about doing what I was doing. Unfortunately, we don't all hold crystal balls where we can see into the future and see what possible damage could be done to our bodies from our current activities.

So take the time now, think about what you are doing and truly ask yourself 'what are some possible injury outcomes from doing this activity?'

I am not saying to stop what you love because it may cause injuries, I am saying that if you can prevent injury, do everything in your power to do so - ie. if you love to run, what can you do to prevent injury? (Ok running is not a fitness fad, but you get the gist) Runners are notorious for knee problems from the jarring, tight IT bands, tight calves. A simple answer to this is decent running shoes, BUT most importantly doing the right stretches. Find the time to prevent injuries and you will be loving yourself for it later in life, this is where Essentrics can help you!